Music Lessons

Voice and Piano lessons with the one and only multi-talented Talar Arslanian

Students ages 10+ will pick a time slot for their one on one lessons starting 3:00pm-8:00pm Fridays

Meet Your Teacher:
Talar Arslanian

Talar Arslanian, Is an Armenian American who has been involved at ACOP’s Children’s Ministry for the past 5 years. She has been blessed to lead in church ministry and finds great importance in educating the Young Armenian Youth in the foundations of the gospel and biblical principles. Aside from Ministry, she has had experience as the musical director at Showlights Theater and Judson elementary school. She is also an aspiring opera singer with a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance and performs operatic roles in the local area frequently. She teaches both piano and voice and builds up young artists in a way that will share the light of God’s truth within the arts industry.

Educational Outline

My perspective on education, ministry, philosophy, and life are rooted in Christ alone. We are called to glorify our Father. To glorify is to acknowledge the holiness and majesty of our Savior. In order to glorify God, two essential elements must be in place. First, we must be truly saved by God’s grace, redeemed by the salvation He offers, and must educate and teach according to his will. Second, is that we serve a mighty God. To glorify him, we must have a standard of excellence rooted in the truth in order to be a light to the world. As believers, we are set apart from the fallen world. We are called to be the light and salt of the world; we must learn how to navigate in a secular world that blatantly denies God. As a believer we must have a strong foundation in the truth of His word, and an understanding of our calling, and will to earnestly excel within our calling/ministry.